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Salute 2014

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Salute 2014 Empty Salute 2014

Post  Gwin on April 13th 2014, 08:28

Salute was good this year. There seemed to be a lot more smaller traders and bigger range of games going on.
There did not seem tobe as many big demo games. Although the d-day beach was very nice and I liked the 40mm 
ancient game with elephants.

The 4 ground stand looked nice with huge display tables of what each range could look like if grouped together.

Sails of glory looked nice too.

But one thing that worried me was that Gravesend gamers guild had a table there. They were running a far inferior 
muskets and tomahawks game. I think we should try and rectify this for next year with them being userped by Gravesends
number one wargames club. Running a game that's a thousand times stronger and better looking ( including the members )
Although I think this my be a tough call Wink


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Salute 2014 Empty Re: Salute 2014

Post  Chrissy Boy on April 15th 2014, 19:55

After the big events I normally have a look at all the blogs and wargaming sites to see what the shows were like.

I can't find a single piccy or mention of their game anywhere on the web.  


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Chrissy Boy
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Salute 2014 Empty Re: Salute 2014

Post  Hugh on April 16th 2014, 17:30

Simon, actually the game was almost all my own work. I'm sorry if my painting and Jamies flocking wasnt up to your "superior" standard, but we can only do our best. At least we were able to show people they dont have to buy and make "loads of expensive looking stuff" to play the game, and we did tell them the suppliers of the models and scenery. Yes we had GGG posters and Skirmish show flyers, but I did tell some about GWC where more historical games are played. We were not officially "sponsored" by GGG. (You have to put your club name and address on the application paper, and we werent the only ones putting on a game as individuals, not a full club.) We did get encouragement from Studio Tomahawk who had a stand next to us in the row, and we didnt duplicate their display era.


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Salute 2014 Empty Re: Salute 2014

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