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What a good evening

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What a good evening Empty What a good evening

Post  Mrbootsthecat on March 18th 2015, 23:24

Dear all,
Just like to say, what a good evening. Dan thrashing Liam( nice to see him back) at WHFB, Dave and Chris failing to do much at all ( although I left early), Pete and Ben doing Lord of the Rings, dobbo and Paul doing some noisy board game... Reece and Simon playing another game that I didn't even get a chance to follow.
Really good to see a range of games and people turning up. Let's face it we all like toy soldiers, and just hitting this level if engagement is a major achievement. As long as everyone pays their subs ( and subsidised by Phil and Dave running events) the club should keep going with a variety if systems.

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What a good evening Empty Popped my wargaming cherry - mmm sounds wrong?!

Post  Lee Newton on March 18th 2015, 23:38

Thanks Reece and Simon for helping me through my first ever wargame. Thanks Adam and Tom for being gallant opponents. Would like to play this again in a few weeks.

Lee Newton

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What a good evening Empty Re: What a good evening

Post  Gwin on March 19th 2015, 07:24

Yes it's great to see variety in the club and everyone having a great time.

It's also great that this is the 3rd week in a row where the new catchphrase is can you move your table up a bit. Space and tables are the things in short supply. I think this is a good thing and shows the club is at an all time high.

Let's keep it up.

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What a good evening Empty Re: What a good evening

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