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Roll up Roll up! Going once Empty Roll up Roll up! Going once

Post  BBrotherwood June 24th 2015, 13:05

With the prospect of buggering off to uni coming up soon I've started sorting out some of the projects I know I am never going to finish. I was wondering if anyone was interested in carrying on the Thematic Byzantium army I picked up for War and Conquest?
8 Archers                                              
8 Javelins                                              
8 Light Cavalry                                        
2 Generals
24 Spear man

20 Spearman
20 armoured archers
22 Heavy Cavalry
10 kataphraktoi (part painted)
2 models for counters

I also have the a couple of copies of the SAGA battleboard and the Warhammer Byzantium beyond the golden gates.

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