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request for bargains

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request for bargains Empty request for bargains

Post  steve row November 15th 2015, 20:16

Ben has hoodwinked me into starting a 6mm ancient German army to fight his Romans . i have the first of the shiny new metal objects now . At this scale though a barbarian warrior could fit into many different armies (am i allowed to say things like that?) so this will give me the basis of several armies .
i need to buy quite a few more figures  and wondered if anyone in the club has been lured into similar project , abandoned it , and has any old figures lurking a loft or drawer that they wanted to get rid of?

Alternatively they may want to paint them themselves if they know others are  starting to game that period in that scale

Ben has infantry units of 80 , half that for skirmishers i believe, and 30 cavalry . they are on the 120mm frontage bases used for Basic Impetus . so i only need to paint 560 infantry and 60 cavalry to be able to give him a game!!!!

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