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X wing co operative 17 August

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X wing co operative 17 August Empty X wing co operative 17 August

Post  Mrbootsthecat July 22nd 2016, 13:59

Dear fellow pilots. First of all, let me confess to not having studied the rule book. When I examined it in a bit more detail, all x wing pilots start with 5 Experience points, and all Y wing pilots start with 8. So everyone shoul;d have been a bit more tooled up, and we may not have suffered as many casualties.
I really enjoyed it with 6 players. I intend to run it again on 17 August, again all welcome ( If we get seven players Ill run the AI. If we get to eight we'll split into two 4 player games)
Hope you all enjoyed it. Lets try it again from the proper starting levels! so if anyone didnt score any points, they get those as listed above. If anyone has scored points, such as my 2 , you have those as well as the starting bonus.
To work out how to spend your points.... You can have any upgrade at its card cost if it can be fitted on your ship (IE an x wing cant buy a turret) Pilot skill upgrades cost twice the new skill level (IE to go to level 3 costs 6 points) Once you have an upgrade, you dont have to buy it again between games (IE you buy torpedoes, and fire them off. You dont have to pay for them next game) unless you lose them on a bail out roll. A named pilot skill, such as Wedge Antilles abilities, cost the same as that pilot's skill level.
Ill try and put the new terrain bits together so we can start the mission storylines.

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X wing co operative 17 August Empty Re: X wing co operative 17 August

Post  Gwin July 24th 2016, 22:37

Oh thanks Tony.

Just as I've finish hammering the laser blasts out of my hull and fitting that second hand shield generator.

Now I've got to rip it all apart for some shiny new bits.
Ok what give me 3 attack dice on an Y wing.

Simon (The Space Sloth from Hoth)

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