DBA Rules Clarification - Fate of elements giving rear support or flank/rear support when an element is destroyed

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DBA Rules Clarification - Fate of elements giving rear support or flank/rear support when an element is destroyed

Post  PeterT on May 26th 2016, 19:05

Was something we discussed last night. Consulted the DBA rules on what happens to elements giving rear support, or attacking from flank and rear while another attacks from the front when the combat result means the attacking element supported is destroyed.

Rules say this when 'double ranked' element is supporting another element:

"An element that added +1 (but not +3) in rear support of a destroyed element directly to its front is also destroyed."

So pretty clear ruling. Unless the rear element is adding +3 (basically Pike) BOTH the front AND rear element is destroyed if the combat outcome is 'destroyed'. Obviously there are a number of troops that can be combined to fight like this but the most common will be Warband and Spear, or Psiloi supporting another element. 

So be warned. Double-ranking gives a bonus but puts you at risk of losing two elements in one fell swoop, and in itself puts your opponent half way to victory.

On the other hand when two or more elements are co-operating with one attacking an enemy element from the front, and one or more from flank or rear, the rules have this to say:

"Elements in combat with an enemy flank or rear recoil if a friendly element in combat with the front recoils, flees or is destroyed."

So in contrast, no worries if you lose a combat with a destroyed result when you are also attacking from flank or rear. Only the element facing the enemy element's front is destroyed. Elements helping out by attacking flank or rear are just recoiled.

Hope that makes it clearer.

Couple of other rules I missed/forgot. Knights, Scythed Chariots, Warbands and Hordes all automatically follow-up when they recoil, destroy, force to flee their opponent or when an enemy decides to break off. They move forward one base width. In the case of recoils this means they are normally already automatically in combat ready for next turn (other units will need PIPs to follow-up), though in other circumstances (eg. making some Psiloi or Light Horse flee) having elements follow up can mess up your nice neat line and create the risk of getting attacked and being overlapped.

There are also a number of circumstances when you could get destroyed which didn't come up in the games but might apply in another game. These include recoiling after being being shot at entirely from the rear (unless in a BUA or Camp) and fleeing into a river (unless it is 'paltry'). Also Elephants recoiling into friends destroy them. Otherwise it is about recoiling into friends you can't interpenetrate or enemies, or impassable terrain etc..


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