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Post  Admin on October 25th 2013, 19:00

I'm waiting till the price drops then copying an entire warhammer army! lol


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3D Printers Empty It is not all that expense apaz. This guy already is! (well vehicles at least)

Post  PeterT on November 17th 2013, 06:00

Plastic General (at Plastic General blogspot) has already been showing off the 3D printed vehicles he has knocked up for a year or two. Plastic General started his blog showing off the Warmaster Empire Army he created using 20mm plastics and this steamtank which he knocked up on 3D design software and sent away to be 3D printed.

His latest project is around building Sci-Fi/40K armies using 20mm figs and tanks/mechas which he designs and 3D prints

[url=http://plasticgeneral.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/sci-fi %2F 40K]http://plasticgeneral.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/sci-fi%20%2F%2040K[/url]

When I saw this I started salivating at the prospect of making fleets of Traveller space ships. but whole armies based on Perry Plastics designs....wow now that's a thought!!!!

Apaz Wargames Factories design all their 28mm plastic minis directly in 3D software and sent them straight to the mould makers without any sculpting at all.....


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