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Alkemy Kickstarter

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Post  nicoleblond October 29th 2015, 17:26

Hello, we launched a kickstarter for Alkemy last week. This project aims to create two new factions, Naashtis and Utopia, which join the original four factions. The amount for this project is already reached, and we have entered the phase of add-on and free stretch goals.

This is obviously a great way to start the game by taking 1 starter (One Starter pledge) with all material, it includes 6 miniatures starter Naashti or Utopia, the exclusive miniature + free stretch goals (1 additional miniature is already unlocked for each faction). We also have the Alchemist Pledge which includes 2 starters, game pack for 2 players, 2 exclusive miniatures, free stretch goals of two factions and one battlement to choose from 5 available. We also offer Architekt Pledge is a great way for a club or a group of people to start the game with 2 starters Naashtis and Utopia (+ all that I have mentioned before) and 4 starters blitz (4 x 6 miniatures + 4 game packs). Finally, it is possible to acquire the exclusive miniature also. Each contributor accesses add-ons and can add a list blitz, hardware pack, a game pad, the book of scenarios, …

Visit the Kickstarter page and help us to bring this project as far as possible :-)

Alkemy Kickstarter Exclusive-miniature

Alkemy Kickstarter Utopie-core-set-uk

Alkemy Kickstarter Naashti-core-set-uk

Alkemy Kickstarter Bandeau-alchemist-core-set-uk

Alkemy Kickstarter 00-sg-taille3

Alkemy Kickstarter 01-scenario-book

Alkemy Kickstarter 02-sid-ouros-matelot

Alkemy Kickstarter 03-walosi

Alkemy Kickstarter 04-sul-koz-virato

Alkemy Kickstarter 07-sentinel-grimpaor

Alkemy Kickstarter 100-sg-free-and-more


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