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Email to the Club - The Cavalier Club

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Email to the Club - The Cavalier Club Empty Email to the Club - The Cavalier Club

Post  Chrissy Boy December 2nd 2015, 18:44

I've had a couple of emails into the club email address so im just going to post them on here so that everyone can have a look.
Second one came in on the 29/11/2015 and is posted below.

Good evening Paul,

I am the author of The Cavalier Club. My new publication, set at the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War in 1618, has done very well and attracted a lot of interest at a couple of the Wargaming clubs here locally in Melbourne.
Please have a look at my website (​link ​below) and I have attached a Flyer for your friends, the committee and any members to check out at the next war​ ​gaming meeting​. This would obviously be of particular interest to the Pike & Shotte devotees.
Would love hearing from any of your group with questions, comments, etc.

All the best and with thanks,

Stan Goldyn
Chrissy Boy
Chrissy Boy

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