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Dirt Cheap figures for budget wargaming

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Dirt Cheap figures for budget wargaming Empty Dirt Cheap figures for budget wargaming

Post  PeterT October 8th 2015, 22:37

While Lee probably has more than enough ideas for spending the £50 that has just fallen into his lap, there was a good article on the Plastic Soldier review site I've just spotted on using figures from board games as cheap 'reinforcements' for wargaming armies. It includes some where the manufacturers sell figures on their own.

[url= [/url]

Of particular interest to Lee might be the various Zombie sets that you can get. I've seen a couple of sets in Orcs Nest are are bags of around 100 figs.

Otherwise a useful games manufacturer to look up are Eagle Games. Check out the full catalogue as lots of things available can only be found there (not in the Accesories section on their website which has a figure section but only for a few games). Although you have to order from the States things worth looking out for include the sets for their Napoleonic games (only $3 for 40 figs).

Also lots of Fantasy figures and some generic ancients and colonials. MB games also do a Samurai game under various names. It seems to cost around £50 on Amazon/eBay but includes close to 500 figures said to be of very good quality. Although article focuses mainly on 20mm figs, there is also a list of games with other scales including 28mm, with some of the Sci fi games being quite interesting as a source in this scale. As I mentioned at a suggestion of a blog I'm close to finishing a pair of armies made from Risk figures (15mm) which with 240 infantry, 60 odd cavalry and buckets of cannons has all the basics to kit out just about any 18th century army is you're not too fussy ( and in this scale I'm not).


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Dirt Cheap figures for budget wargaming Empty Samurai

Post  Lee Newton November 17th 2015, 20:03

Pete, saw the Sanurai Battles thing you mentioned here a few weeks back - it looks really good - may be on my birthday as opposed to my Xmas list. My £50 went a bit further (with permission from the missus) and I still over-spent lol (£170?) So my Xmas box might just be a book.

So despite months of comparing prices and thinking about what to get - I don't feel I have much to show for my money. Well, we'll see...

Lee Newton

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