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Lion Rampant League - Lee vs Andy

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Lion Rampant League - Lee vs Andy Empty Lion Rampant League - Lee vs Andy

Post  Lee Newton July 13th 2016, 23:24

So I expected to loose again with my fragile retinue. I won. What? We played Hammer and Anvil with Andy as attacker and I was defender. So I had to stop him exiting stage left pursued by barely a unit. I had to have so many points worth if figures sat on an exit - so that was my leader and Foot MAA. So many points had to be in the middle of the table. Archers - had to be. The 'rest' (archers and expert foot Serjeants) to 'chase' them off the field. Ha! All my units move at 6 and the lowest movement for Andy was 8. So I kinda thought I'd be waving at them as they galloped ahead.  

Andys leader in a unit of horse charged down the road. And stopped at the river. One dead from a volley of arrows. Next thing I know they are down to three and on their toes. Bit of a wobble from courage tests for one unit of horse after. Biddowers went too from this central cohort of bow. I think the other archers decimated a unit of foot who legged it. Two horse and one foot left. Foot escaped one horse left and one unit of horse cut down to one man who again legged it.

I have to concede this was largely down to unlucky rolls from Andy rather than spectacular rolls or cutting edge tactics from me. It's a good game when you win isn't it!? Both boasts and 4 units gives me 6 points. I'm in positive numbers hurrah!

Lee Newton

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Lion Rampant League - Lee vs Andy Empty Re: Lion Rampant League - Lee vs Andy

Post  Andy_D July 14th 2016, 14:40

Curse my dice!

Those expert bowmen are fierce when the scenario allows them to stand still behind an obstacle and have the enemy run at them. The central unit shot two units of horse and my bidowers to bits with only a couple of casualties on them from the short-lived return fire of my bidowers. The rough terrain slowed my fast-moving but lightly armoured retinue down enough for the archers to rain hurt down on them, and then I failed lots of activations and (crucially) the courage tests from the shooting casualties. My one bright spot was when Lee's foot serjeants piled into my lowly yeomen and bounced off battered. Unfortunately the dice immediately deserted me and I failed to launch my attack into the battered serjeants who promptly rallied. Argh.

I got two glory from the two units that made it off the table, but failed my boast, so that makes it 6-1 in Lee's favour.

I like lots of terrain, but with hindsight we might have put a bit too much on the table. Lee's archers dominated the centre of the table and it took me most of the game just to get up to and across the river we'd plonked down the middle. Better luck next time maybe?

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