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Son of Lion Rampant - Lee vs Steve and Jim

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Son of Lion Rampant - Lee vs Steve and Jim Empty Son of Lion Rampant - Lee vs Steve and Jim

Post  Lee Newton July 27th 2016, 23:33

LION RAMPANT VS STEVE AND JIM 36 point retinues - I had an extra unit of expert archers, a unit of crossbow and some bidowers to my Agincourt English ('Edward III English Retinue").

Game 1: defending the indefensible. I was defending a building. I just had to stop the guys touching it. Yeah that's gonna be easy (!). Both leaders were 'insipid'. I didn't do too bad to be fair. I moved my slow retinue up fairly quickly. Despite some blood drawn and getting my boast of first failed courage test I lost to some dirty bidowers defiling my back passage.

Game 2: (? Name) basically my leader had to survive the guys determined to kill him. Line my archers up - piece of cake right?
Long story short - I couldn't activate anything. I think I had about eight rounds of failed activations. I got down to my leaders unit (my leader being 'sly' which was handy). Steve and Jim graciously called it a draw but to be honest I was a goner.

Lee Newton

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Son of Lion Rampant - Lee vs Steve and Jim Empty Re: Son of Lion Rampant - Lee vs Steve and Jim

Post  steve row August 19th 2016, 13:40

i recall a point in the 2nd game where lee failed to shoot needing 6 or more on 2 dice , jim failed to charge needing 5 or more on 2 dice . lee the failed to shoot again , jim failed to charge again, lee failed to shoot again ,so we got through 5 player turns with just 5 dice rolls . jim then spoilt it by succesfully charging .

and there was a point in the first game when one of my cavalry units rolled double 1 to fail to move . then did again the next turn , this gave lee a shot at them and they threw a 3rd double one on their courage test , if lee had had average luck with his shooting that would have been the end of the cavalry but , as usual , lee doesn't get average luck so they survived .

the proposed re roll an activation for a glory point may or may not help us overcome such wretched dice rolling!!!!

steve row

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